“For me its important to eat this way….I love the way I feel and what I found out is how poorly food effects my arthritis. When I eat clean (no nuts or sugar) my hands feel fantastic! I used to wake up and dread getting out of bed because my feet would hurt so bad.

Dear Heather, 🙂

“The Past 5 Weeks”
The past 5 weeks I have no pain in my joints!
The past 5 weeks I have lost body fat!
The past 5 weeks my skin has been smooth and clear and my nails grow surprisingly fast (which were not pleasant for ohs tonight haha).
I feel sexier which you know….leads to, well being sexy! 😉
The past 5 weeks my 4 pack shows a lil more and my 6 pack is screaming to show! Soon lil abbies, soon.
The past 5 weeks my husband tells me I look beautiful (even though he has always said that, but now I, me, I feel it too).
The past 5 weeks I eat and don’t feel bloated, no gas, no cramps, no stomach aches!! I eat and get right back to the day.
The past 5 weeks my workouts have fucking rocked and 2-a-days are easier because my recovery is better!
The past 5 weeks I have had maybe 1 craving for fruit (not sweets, just fruit) which if you know me, I love desserts and would ALWAYS want ice cream.

The past 5 weeks have been epic for me in more ways than “just some challenge”. I feel good mainly in CrossFit, which was my MAIN goal. I look better and feel better, which was my other goal. And I can do 2-a-days like a champion (well in my eyes, screw those who judge/hate haha).

Thanks to Heather Kelly. If only thanks were enough. You may have done a seminar and I participated in your challenge, but this truly opened a new door into a better life for me. To put it simply: you rock and thanks for being you!

So if anyone is on the fence about this challenge…just keep reading above. Have a bad day, refer to above! Feel like you have to cave to that stupid craving, read above. A cheat meal, as yummy as it sounds, actually sucks (for more reasons than I care to write out).” -Lindsey Marcelli, CrossFit Eminence Affiliate Owner

“I met with Heather and got on the OPENnutrition program earlier this week. I have seem many top end nutritionists to help with my eating issues, but none have worked… until this. Heather sat me down and explained everything from food to sleeping habits and i gave it a shot and put my past misconceptions on hold. I have never felt so great in my life! Eating healthy, sleeping better, my workouts have been insane. I feel weight shifting around in my body to better areas and have hit 4 PRs in the past week. I have never experienced anything so effective and so immediate as the results that this company has helped me achieve. I highly recommend this company to anyone, whether you are a sports person, crossfitter, or just looking to be healthier. Everyone can benefit. Thank you so much.” -Connor McQuade

“Before OPENutrition, I had truly hit a wall with my fitness goals. I’ve always been a “bigger” guy, and at 37, I had begun to just sadly accept the fact that it was always going to be so. I’ve tried several different diet programs and systems with varying success but nothing permanent.

I truly believe now that with Heather’s guidance, I have found the missing bits of information that I was severely lacking. After just 5 short weeks of applying her recommendations, I was shocked with my results. I had achieved in that time what had literally taken me over a year to achieve in the past.

I fully plan on continuing with OPENutrition to see how far I can take this. It’s hard to put a price on being super excited and hopeful for what the future holds for my fitness goals. Thank you Heather!!” -Kalib Ford

“I had the privilege of working with Heather 1:1 for 5 weeks. I came to Heather after a Psychology of Eating seminar… I knew I needed help but I wasn’t sure where to begin.

A few things I discovered from my time with Heather:

I was waiting to live my life, sitting the sidelines until the perfect body was achieved.

Some of my behaviors were no longer serving me.

I’m not broken.

I needed to slow down, eat more, exercise less & breath!

There is a greater calling on my life than being a size 2.

What foods make me feel strong, powerful & sexy… Those I eat.

My husband said “you’ve gotten so much done.. You should have talked to Heather years ago.. It’s like she gave you permission to live your life!” I responded with “she did!”

Most important to me, I’ve tapped back into my authentic self. I lost touch with who I was, what was important to me.. Now I feel well on my journey again. Sometimes food & exercise gets messy!

I don’t own a scale but I feel 50 pounds lighter!!

I’m filled with gratitude that Heather didn’t just put me on a rigid diet to follow, she got to the heart of my issues. For some of us, it really has nothing to do with food.. The mind, body connection is powerful.

Thank you Heather for helping me see me again… Healthy, whole, sexy and awesome!!” -Heather Beck

“I’ve had nothing but successful experiences working with Heather Kelly and OPENutrition. Coming from a bodybuilding diet and background, I needed help fine-tuning my Paleo diet for CrossFit and life in general. Within the first couple minutes of the first phone call, my mind had been blown by the knowledge of Heather. Almost a year, several competitions (including the CrossFit Games Open) later, I am still learning from her and consider her my ‘secret weapon’. I cannot thank Heather enough for what she does and how much she has helped me with my nutrition and health.” -Alex Martinez

“Hi Heather, now that the five week challenge is over, I just wanted to take a second to personally thank you for providing me with the information that I need to be able to be the best CrossFit athlete that I can be, but most importantly for providing me with the information that i need to be able to live a healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life! Thank you!” -Lane Ververs

“Working with Heather and the OPENutrition dietary program was a great decision. I learned a lot in the seminar and applied what I learned to the five week challenge. My results were awesome! I have Heather to thank for becoming leaner and healthier!” -Martin Walsh

“This challenge has been GREAT!! My hubby and I feel better, eat smarter and have dropped a bunch of unwanted pounds! (15 for me! woot-woot) I don’t miss the diet pop, the sweets, or even the cheesy potatoes which I used and abused for far too long. Even though the challenge has ended, we fully intend to continue our journey and enjoy the benefits of feeling so much better! We’ve eaten things we never thought we would even try and lo ‘n’ behold – we like them!” -Deb Corban

“I’ve taken the things that you’ve taught me and feel 10000000x better than I ever have. I just wanted to thank you for what you do. I’m down 15 lbs, am stronger than I’ve ever been in my life, and have more energy than I ever thought possible. I brought my girlfriend into the CrossFit gym and started cooking Paleo recipes for her and she’s as hooked as I am. We are actually in the process of starting a Paleo specific meal planning and food delivery service in the Denver area. I hope you get this as often as you should. You made a big difference in my life and for that, I thank you.” -Matt Atkins

“Thank you so much for the seminars this weekend.  It is easily apparent how passionate you are about your job and spreading the word of good health and nutrition.  I especially liked yesterday’s seminar on eating psychology.  The conversation helped me realize how many women have the same struggles and battles with food and image that I struggle with on a daily/hourly basis.  I am hoping that the conversation yesterday opens the door for more frequent conversation with the girls that I train with in the gym. I also really benefited from the body composition challenge.  It was a really good excuse for me to clean up my diet in ways that I have known would benefit how I feel (digestively speaking) and my performance in the gym. Thank you, again, for your dedication and compassion.  I look forward to the opportunity to hear you speak again.” -Emily White

“Thanks so much for a great session!! I’m much more relaxed now that I have a plan that I don’t have to stress about!” -Jenn LaVista

“Heather’s Five Week Challenge is for real! I did the lean out and not only saw changes in my body over that short period but my life long stomach issues STOPPED! I accepted that I would always have a bad stomach, but once I went through Heather’s OPENutrition seminar at CrossFit Advantage and accepted the challenge I discovered a new world with a pain free stomach. Thank you Heather! I hope we can get you back to CFA so more people can be exposed to this!” -Jason Romesburg

“I took Heather’s 5 week challenge after her (awesome) seminar at CrossFit Advantage. I gained ten pounds and PR’ed three lifts! She speaks the truth!” -Ian Smith

“I’m stronger and leaner than ever before and the best part is I feel so much better. If I could sum my experience up it would be constant energy. Thanks again Heather!” -Kris Swanson

Before and after photos from participants of the OPENutrition Five Week Challenge


photo 1







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