Thank you to all of the CrossFit affiliates and gyms who have hosted our nutrition seminar series.

CrossFit North Fort Collins

CrossFit Denver

CrossFit South Denver

Telluride CrossFit

CrossFit Helix

CrossFit Alaska

Northwest CrossFit

CrossFit Advantage

Flatirons CrossFit

CrossFit Junction

CrossFit Eminence

CrossFit Deco

CrossFit MHZ

CrossFit Verve

Centennial CrossFit

CrossFit Loveland

FORCE Newport CrossFit

CrossFit Sanitas

Alpine CrossFit

Littleton CrossFit

CrossFit Vantage

CrossFit Zia

CrossFit Omnia

OPENutrition offers sports nutrition and psychology of eating seminars. These range from one hour to full day events. To read more about the seminars, visit our Seminar Series page.

If you have athletes who are looking for one on one help with their sports nutrition plan, we offer nutrition consulting sessions and packages. Visit the coaching page to learn more.

If you have any questions, please email

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